I write to remind myself that I am alive.

Insha Ishrat

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We built our abode on the pillars of togetherness; Bricks of everyday we lay- One besides the other, One above the other, Fortifying our dreams; Walls painted- with hues of sunshine, Embracing us far away, from the populace; Flowers as souvenirs- planted on the porch, watered with trust,  to grow. A scintilla of doubt- CatastropheContinue reading “Porch”


#haiku Is it the autumn Or reverie of your eyes In hues of lilac. ♡ The stains of your touch Left purple on my bare skin Choking memories. – Insha Ishrat

What keeps the moon awake?

Most of the nights, In an attempt to fight my inner demons and insomnia, I gaze out at the interstellar radiance Spread on the night sky outside my window, Wondering if the moon ever loved someone. Someone so dearly, That keeps it awake all night. ♡ Hey beautiful reader. I hope you are taking goodContinue reading “What keeps the moon awake?”

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