I write to remind myself that I am alive.

Insha Ishrat

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It would have been easier if running away eased the clenched feeling of the heart, that hurts right in there where it’s all dark and empty. No space to let anyone stay, because it has seen travellers go, but has always waited for a trespasser, A pilgrim, Who worships nothing but love. ♡ Insha Ishrat


When amber rays paint the sky,Embracing the naked clouds like precious jewelry; When songbirds whisper adieu,To the vast ocean of blues; When rusted green,Fall back to their roots; When threads of love,Entwine into knots of promises; When mortal remains meet the dust,Leaving behind a part of their soul in the living ; Hope lives. ♡Continue reading “Hope”


We built our abode on the pillars of togetherness; Bricks of everyday we lay- One besides the other, One above the other, Fortifying our dreams; Walls painted- with hues of sunshine, Embracing us far away, from the populace; Flowers as souvenirs- planted on the porch, watered with trust,  to grow. A scintilla of doubt- CatastropheContinue reading “Porch”

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